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The Google Army Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 08:26 pm
So I was at the campus coffee house again....boy do you meet interesting people in there!

I was talking to this guy, and I was offering doing a website for his UWI club (for free), so he asked for my email. I wrote my gmail address down on the paper and the topic of Google came up.

I was literally blown away when he said and I quote "I LOVE GOOGLE....IF THEY EVER TAKE OVER THE WORLD I AM JOINING THE GOOGLE ARMY!!"


"This man DREAD!!!" is what I thought!! Then, ofcourse, you know how the conversation goes from there....we went on to talk about how Gmail is better than Yahoo and that they are offering infinity + 1 MB of space etc etc etc etc etc.

So to Swiss, you go dude! Long Lives Google!!

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